Newsletter #9


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Cloudron 5.3 released
#cloudron, #saas

Effortlessly deploy web apps

I'm using Cloudron to host apps which I use "in production" and I really like it. It runs on my own server and data is stored there as well, so I really know where my data is stored. And Cloudron takes care of the maintenance by releasing regular updates to the apps running on it. Cool concept in my opinion.

Crossplane Joins the CNCF as a Sandbox Project
#crossplane, #cncf

We are very pleased to announce that Crossplane has been accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Sandbox project!

While this was already part of the last newsletter, this is the official announcement of Crossplane.

The end of the Redis adventure - <antirez>

This is something I know well. You start something, it gets used more and more and grows and with it your own role in the project changes as well. And after some time you realize that you "just" wanted to solve an issue by coding something and suddenly you do a completely different job. And then you ask yourself: Is this really what I want?

KDE's GitLab is now Live |
#kde, #gitlab

After our final decision to adopt GitLab in November 2019, KDE started the work of tackling the many challenges that come with moving a whole development platform for a large open source community. KDE has now officially completed Phase One of the adoption and contributors have begun to use GitLab on a daily basis. Why did we migrate to GitLab? By switching to GitLab we will be offering our community one of the most popular and latest, fully-featured, actively developed, and supported DevOps platforms in existence today.

As a day-to-day KDE user I like this move! But I must also admit that I'm "just" a user and never contributed to KDE. Maybe this changes now as it seems to be a lot easier to contribute now.

Enforce 398-day validity for certificates issued on-or-after 2020-09-01
#certificate, #validation, #google, #chrome

Enforce publicly trusted TLS server certificates have a lifetime of 398 days or less, if they are issued on or after 2020-09-01. Certificates that violate this will be rejected with ERR_CERT_VALIDITY_TOO_LONG and will be treated as misissued.

This is something we should all be aware of. Other browsers will implement this as well (or have already done it).


Interesting articles and blog posts

PromLabs | Blog - Selecting Data in PromQL
#prometheus, #promql

Taking advantage of Prometheus relabeling
#prometheus, #config, #label

What can you do with the prometheus-specific feature of relabeling? Look how you can change, add, remove metrics, config, and label within Prometheus with this talk I have given at PromCon Munich.

PromLabs - PromQL Cheat Sheet
#prometheus, #cheatsheet

10 rules for the career of your dreams ;-) - Marcel Salathé's Blog

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a short presentation at a career workshop for visiting international students at EPFL.

Running spot instances effectively with Amazon EKS - Signal v. Noise
#kubernetes, #aws, #autoscaling

Since we started working on HEY, one of the things that I’ve been a big proponent of was keeping as much of the app-side compute infrastructure on spot instances as possible.

Saving Cloud Costs with Kubernetes on AWS |
#kubernetes, #cost, #aws

How to save cloud costs when running Kubernetes? There is no silver bullet, but this blog post describes a few tools to help you manage resources and reduce cloud spending.

Put your bash code in functions - rand[om]

I wrote my degree dissertation in jupyter notebooks. Then I converted them to markdown and finally to pdf with pandoc. I also had to output an office file so that my tutor could work on it too,

Tweet by @cpuguy83: docker build git://
#git, #docker

docker build git://myRepo.git
docker build git://myRepo.git#myTag
docker build git://myRepo.git#myTag:/some/folder
docker build git://myRepo.git#pr/32/head:/some/folder


Open Source tools newly discovered

ianmiell/kubernetes-examples: Minimal self-contained examples of standard kubernetes features and patterns in YAML
#kubernetes, #yaml, #examples

A reference repository of YAML with canonical and as-simple-as-possible demonstrations of kubernetes functionality and features.

ngine-io/scalr: Autoscaling for Clouds
#iaas, #autoscaling, #cloud

Scalr allows to scale Cloud instances on Public Clouds

VictoriaMetrics | The best long-term remote storage
#prometheus, #metrics

VictoriaMetrics is fast, cost-effective and scalable time-series database.

#javascript, #fun

WienerScript adds syntactic sugar to JavaScript that makes it less forgiving, more emotional, and even painful to write, allowing you to do less with more code.

Hacker way to compare ec2 instances
#aws, #pricing, #curl

curl ',m5,ssd'

Image Extractor
#images, #extract, #webapp

Extract Images From any public website

LemmyNet/lemmy: 🐀 Building a federated alternative to reddit in rust
#bookmarks, #webapp, #share

Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, Raddle, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.

bwplotka/bingo: Like go get but for Go tools! CI Automating versioning of Go binaries in a nested, isolated Go modules.
#golang, #cli, #bin

go get like, simple CLI that allows automated versioning of Go package level binaries (e.g required as dev tools by your project!) built on top of Go Modules, allowing reproducible dev environments.

raphaelreyna/oneshot: A first-come-first-serve single-fire HTTP server. Easily transfer files to and from your terminal and any browser.
#filetransfer, #webapp

A single-fire first-come-first-serve HTTP server.

plexsystems/konstraint: A policy management tool for interacting with Gatekeeper
#opa, #kubernetes, #policy

Konstraint is a CLI tool to assist with the creation and management of constraints when using Gatekeeper.

Foam | A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode
#notes, #vscode

A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode

FairwindsOps/goldilocks: Get your resource requests "Just Right"
#kubernetes, #autoscaling, #vpa, #resource

By using the kubernetes vertical-pod-autoscaler in recommendation mode, we can see a suggestion for resource requests on each of our apps. This tool creates a VPA for each deployment in a namespace and then queries them for information.

hjacobs/kube-downscaler: Scale down Kubernetes deployments after work hours
#kubernetes, #scaling, #cost

Scale down Kubernetes Deployments, StatefulSets, and/or HorizontalPodAutoscalers during non-work hours.

hjacobs/kube-janitor: Clean up (delete) Kubernetes resources after a configured TTL (time to live)
#kubernetes, #cleanup

Kubernetes Janitor cleans up (deletes) Kubernetes resources on (1) a configured TTL (time to live) or (2) a configured expiry date (absolute timestamp).

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