Newsletter #46


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

PromLabs | Blog - What's New in Prometheus 2.28?
#release, #prometheus

Today I had the pleasure of releasing Prometheus 2.28 in my function as a member of the Prometheus Team. While there are many changes in this release, let's take a look at some of the most relevant new features for users.

Good overview of new features in the latest Prometheus release.


Interesting articles and blog posts

1715455 - Let's Encrypt: certificate lifetimes 90 days plus one second
#letsencrypt, #certificate, #lifetime

Let’s Encrypt is well-known for issuing certificates that are valid for only 90 days. Since the very first certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt’s infrastructure, those certificates have been given a 90 day validity period by our CA software by taking the issuance time and adding exactly 2,160 hours to yield the certificate’s “not after” date. However, RFC 5280 defines the validity period of a certificate as being the duration between the “not before” and the “not after” timestamps, inclusive. This inclusivity means that Let’s Encrypt’s certificates have all been actually valid for 90 days plus 1 second.

Wow! What a good report. It really details all the important points and steps taken. I trust they know what they do.

How to end up with 500,000 commits in your log
#story, #appdev

I once worked for a company where they managed to create about half a million subversion commits in just 2 or 3 years, with about 3 developers working on it. I’ll leave it as an exercise to guess how they managed to do that :-)

It's always fun to read such stories. Sometimes unbelievable that something like that can even be true.

Graham King » A day in the life of a professional software engineer
#appdev, #fun

If you’re a graduate interviewing for a software job and wondering what a typical day is like, here’s some notes from what I did last Tuesday. It was a pretty typical day.

A good laugh.

Firefox Hardening Guide | BlackGNU
#firefox, #hardening

There are various similar guides on other sites, but many of these guides were partially incomplete, so I’ve tried to write the most complete guide as possible, which can be used by paranoid users like me.

I haven't followed the guide yet, it's on my todo list now.

Brave, the false sensation of privacy | BlackGNU
#browser, #privacy, #observation

Brave is a chromium based browser, which comes with a built-in adblocker and with a “rewards” program, that is supposed to make you earn money. But the relevant part today is that Brave is advertised as a “private browser by default”.

It's not clear how much is true. But I would anyways not use such a browser. The only one I ever trust is Firefox.

Akademy 2021 Day 3: Took too much time, but at last ... behold KRunner! : kde
#kde, #krunner, #cheatsheet

KRunner Cheatsheet

KRunner is nice, I should use it more.

[German] Netzbasteln: Universelle Fernseh-Ausschalt-Fernbedienung · Dlf Nova
#fun, #hardware

Alle sitzen vor der Glotze, irgendwo vor einer Bar. Warten auf Tore bei der Fußball-Europameisterschaft. Und dann geht der Fernseher aus. Das ist fies. Und lustig. Vielleicht war unser Netzbastler Moritz Metz in der Nähe.


Generating Kubernetes Network Policies Automatically By Sniffing Network Traffic
#kubernetes, #network, #policy, #generator

This blog post is about an experiment to automate creation of Kubernetes Network Policies based on actual network traffic captured from applications running on a Kubernetes cluster.

Sounds a bit complicated, but hey... It's Kubernetes after all.

Bye bye Travis CI |
#story, #cicd, #travis, #curl

In the afternoon of October 17, 2013 we merged the first config file ever that would use Travis CI for the curl project using the nifty integration at GitHub.

On to GitHub Actions, I like them.


Open Source tools newly discovered

Log viewer for kubernetes with live tail for multiple pods, powerful filters, highlighters and bookmarks | Overview
#kubernetes, #log, #debugging

KTail allows you to tail multiple pods in one view. It automatically detects updates and attaches to new pods. Configurable highlighters show how often regular expressions matched and let you quickly navigate in the results.

I couldn't find the source, doesn't seem to be Open Source.

#offline, #replication, #knowledgebase

Internet-in-a-Box brings the power of a free Digital Library of Alexandria into the hands of any school, hospital, or community worldwide.
#kubernetes, #gitops, #tool

A modular gitops workflow for Kubernetes deployments. A workflow made for small to mid-sized SaaS companies that want ready-made devops tooling to benefit from the cloud early-on. It's open-source.

cncf/podtato-head: 📨🚚 CNCF App Delivery SIG Demo
#kubernetes, #examples

Project pod tato Head - A demo project for showcasing cloud-native application delivery use cases using different tools for various use cases

deislabs/akri: A Kubernetes Resource Interface for the Edge
#kubernetes, #edge, #iot, #sensor

Akri lets you easily expose heterogeneous leaf devices (such as IP cameras and USB devices) as resources in a Kubernetes cluster, while also supporting the exposure of embedded hardware resources such as GPUs and FPGAs. Akri continually detects nodes that have access to these devices and schedules workloads based on them.

karmada-io/karmada: Open, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Orchestration
#kubernetes, #multicloud, #federation

Karmada (Kubernetes Armada) is a Kubernetes management system that enables you to run your cloud-native applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds, with no changes to your applications. By speaking Kubernetes-native APIs and providing advanced scheduling capabilities, Karmada enables truly open, multi-cloud Kubernetes.

superedge/superedge: An edge-native container management system for edge computing
#kubernetes, #edge, #tunnel

SuperEdge is an open source container management system for edge computing to manage compute resources and container applications in multiple edge regions. These resources and applications, in the current approach, are managed as one single Kubernetes cluster. A native Kubernetes cluster can be easily converted to a SuperEdge cluster.

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