About the Newsletter

About the tobru.guru Newsletter
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The tobru.guru Newsletter is my personal Newsletter which is sent irregularly to interested people subscribed to it.

Throughout the day I'm reading a lot of interesting articles, discover many new cool Open Source tools or stumble upon something which caught my interest. On tobru.guru - my Shaarli instance - a huge amount of bookmarks are piling up which the Newsletter presents in a curated way.

Topics currently range from Cloud Native technologies over IoT and sensors to embedded hardware. And of course a lot of GitHub repos with cool Open Source tools. This reflects my current interest and as that can change, the content can and will evolve over time.

The archive is a good way to get an impression about past issues.

If you find something which you feel should be included in an upcoming issue of the newsletter, just let me know on Twitter or via E-Mail.

An RSS feed is available as well for those who prefer it this way and it's always possible to browse my public Shaarli instance.


I absolutely respect your privacy:

  • There is no tracking in E-Mails.
  • Everything is running on my private server hosted at CommunityRack.org.
  • A self-hosted instance of Ghost with the member functionality is used for the website and Newsletter management.
  • The Matomo instance which tracks the visitors of my website is hosted on the same server, the data doesn't leave the server.
  • The comment functionality on this website is using Isso and the data is stored on my server as well.

E-Mail addresses are never shared with third-parties or sold, they reside on my server and are solely used to send the newsletter. E-Mails are sent via Mailgun and therefore Mailgun knows about the receiving mail address.

Let me know if you have any concerns and I will improve!


I got inspired to write this newsletter by other people doing it, especially:

My sources to find all the interesting links are of course these newsletters, but also Twitter, Hackernews and research when I'm working or experimenting with technology.