Newsletter #8


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Netdata Agent v1.23: Kubernetes monitoring & eBPF observability
#netdata, #monitoring, #kubernetes

Netdata Agent release v1.23 features important improvements to Kubernetes monitoring and extends suport for Linux kernel tracing with eBPF.

Netdata makes huge progress with each release and this one adds more integrated Kubernetes support which of course caught my interest. I'll certainly give it a try to see where it could help in real-time Kubernetes monitoring.

Discourse 2.5 released!
#discourse, #release

We started to use Discourse at work (VSHN) for longer lasting internal discussions and it already did a very good job. It helps with VSHNeers doing more and more remote work but still have longer lasting and intense discussions. We felt that the Chat is (too) short-living and not good for longer discussions, it's nearly impossible to keep up. And with Discourse we found a great software.

Add Crossplane as CNCF Sandbox project by jbw976 · Pull Request #454 · cncf/toc
#crossplane, #cncf

crossplane was accepted into the sandbox:

Yay! Crossplane is now going to be part of the Cloud Native Foundation, starting as Sandbox Project. This will definitively bring a huge boost to it and that's great. Looking forward to actually start using it in production, once the everlasting sentence is not appearing on release notes anymore: "There is no officially supported and documented upgrade path from v0.x.y, but in place upgrade of Crossplane and Packages will be a priority in a near term upcoming release".

Release v0.12.0 · crossplane/crossplane · GitHub
#crossplane, #release, #kubernetes

The v0.12 release introduces a few new composition features while continuing to refine the direction of the Crossplane project moving forward. Notably, claims have been marked as deprecated in this release and are scheduled to be removed by the v0.15 release. Other improvements include enabling Crossplane providers to access projected service account volumes, updated documentation, and bumping to Go 1.14.4 for a workaround for users running Linux kernel versions that are susceptible to the signal vector bug.

Besides being accepted as Sandbox Project at CNCF, a new release of Crossplane is here which holds an interesting announcement: "[...] claims have been marked as deprecated in this release [...]". This is very exciting as it allows to have even more flexibility in infrastructure composition. Time to do some experiments and learn new concepts.

Gitea 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 are released - Blog

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.12.0, and subsequently 1.12.1 with some hotfixes. In this release we merged a whopping 673 pull requests! That’s the highest number ever in a release! We cannot express enough gratitude to those who support us, big or small.

And I'm proud that I'm a Gitea user. It's an integral part of my GitOps workflow, together with Renovate and Drone. Wanna see it in action, click here:


Interesting articles and blog posts

Getting Started with Project Syn
#projectsyn, #gettingstarted

This guide will help you to easily get started with the three Project Syn tools Lieutenant, Commodore and Steward. It's meant to be a copy/paste style guide to get all the components straight up and running and to give you a feeling about Project Syn. Does it work for you? How do you like it? What can we improve?

I'm actually really proud of this guide. It was a lot of work, but I feel it was a good investment.

History of UNIX Manpages
#history, #unix, #manpage

Where do UNIX manpages come from? Who introduced the section-based layout of NAME, SYNOPSIS, and so on?           And for manpage authors: where were those economical two- and three-letter instructions developed?

It's always good to know where things are coming from. This time it's about the manpages, which every Linux Sysadmin (hopefully) knows. We even have a manpage version of our VSHN company handbook (scroll to the bottom).

GitOps secret management
#gitops, #secrets, #kubernetes, #openshift

An in-depth guide to managing secrets via GitOps practices.

This is a very important topic! DO NOT STORE SECRETS IN GIT! I'm using Sealed Secrets for my own GitOps workflow (example) and I find it very handy. In Project Syn we're using the Kapitan secret management feature which only stores references to secrets in Git and fetches them for example from Vault during the apply phase directly on the cluster.

API Documentation Maturity — How Do Your Docs Stack up?

Some companies have great documentation and some not so much. If you’re wondering what it takes to go from zero to world class…

Yay, documentation. A hot topic for me at the moment, documenting all things Project Syn and I can say it's absolutely worth the effort! And I learn a lot about our own tool during documentation writing, that's why I absolutely like it. And if someone else can learn something from what I've written, it's very rewarding.

Google blew a ten-year lead. - Second Breakfast
#story, #google

Back when there were rumors of Google building an operating system, I thought “Lol.” Then I watched then-PM Sundar Pichai announce Chrome OS. My

Google products and me are anyways not a good team and this post brings it to the point why.

I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! 🎉❤️ (How I Did It) | Caleb Porzio
#github, #sponsor, #opensource, #story

Caleb Porzio is a web developer.

Great achievement. But I still like it to be an employee of a (my) company.

knrt10/kubernetes-basicLearning: Understand kubernetes step by step. A simple repo for beginners
#kubernetes, #learning

This is just a simple demonstration to get a basic understanding of how kubernetes works while working step by step

Getting started guides is currently a hot topic for me and this one stands out. Go, learn Kubernetes!

Zsh and Fish’s simple but clever trick for highlighting missing linefeeds – Vidar's Blog
#shell, #zsh, #story

Good story. I always wondered where this % sign is coming from in my day-to-day use of ZSH.

Why is there a "V" in SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault?
#history, #unix, #signal

My program received a SIGSEGV signal and crashed with "Segmentation Fault" message. Where does the "V" come from? Did I read it wrong? Was there a "Segmentation Vault?"? Or did Linux authors make a mistake? Shouldn't the signal be named SIGSEGF?

Another cool story on Unix history which I had no idea about.

Flatpak - a security nightmare
#flatpak, #security

Red Hat's flatpak has been getting a lot of attention lately, it's the self-proclaimed new way of distributing desktop applications on Linux. It's secure they say ...

I've never used Flatpaks as well as Snaps as I don't really see why I should use it in the first place when I have Arch Linux which anyways always brings me the latest and greatest stuff, together with AUR. And it doesn't seem to be a security win as well...


Open Source tools newly discovered

team-video/ Minimal distributed configuration management in bash
#cfgmgmt, #bash

Minimal distributed configuration management in bash. Tiny alternative to ansible / chef / puppet / etc. Made with ❤️ by the friendly folks at

linusg/prometheus-owntracks-exporter: A simple Python HTTP server exporting OwnTracks Recorder stats for Prometheus
#owntracks, #prometheus

Tunnel to dev - Expose your local web server to the internet with a public URL
#tunnel, #webdev

Expose your local web server to the internet with a public URL

beyondcode/expose: A beautiful, fully open-source, tunneling service - written in pure PHP
#tunnel, #webapp

A completely open-source ngrok alternative - written in pure PHP.

Git Releases - The missing link to your latest GitHub release asset
#github, #release

Git Releases allows you to directly link to the assets of your latest release on GitHub.

Free AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes Architecture Diagram Tool | CloudSkew
#cloud, #diagrams, #documentation

Draw AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes diagrams for free

GitHub Pull Requests and Issues - Visual Studio Marketplace
#github, #vscode

This extension allows you to review and manage GitHub pull requests and issues in Visual Studio Code.

ttalvitie/browservice: Browservice: Browse the modern web on historical browsers
#browser, #history, #os

A web "proxy" server that enables browsing the modern web on historical browsers. It works by rendering the browser viewport into images, which are then shown by a JavaScript application running on the client browser.

reviewdog/reviewdog: Automated code review tool integrated with any code analysis tools regardless of programming language
#cicd, #review, #code

reviewdog provides a way to post review comments to code hosting service, such as GitHub, automatically by integrating with
#eol, #security

Check End of Life of php, python, ubuntu, alpine, laravel, debian, centos, django, .NET, fedora, iphone, redhat, postgres, ruby, windows, Node.js, mariadb, laravel, java etc at one place. Verify whether your application needs an update, or if you need to upgrade your device.

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