Newsletter #10


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Operator Framework Moves to CNCF for Incubation
#cncf, #operator

Another good addition to CNCF. We're using the Operator SDK for example for the Lieutenant Operator and enjoy it! CNCF is currently growing really fast, new projects gets added in a fast pace. Cloud native seems to really be an absolutely hot topic, what I can understand well.

Asciiflow 3 updates? · Issue #150 · lewish/asciiflow2 · GitHub
#ascii, #diagrams

Asciiflow is the tool of my choice to design diagrams to include in documentation based on Asciidoc. Together with Antora, Kroki and ditaa it's possible to generate very good looking diagrams, for example the Project Syn architecture (source) diagram is done this way. It's good to see that this project will see a bigger updates in the future.

Linux Mint drops Ubuntu Snap packages []
#ubuntu, #snap, #mint

The Linux Mint project has made good on previous threats to actively prevent Ubuntu Snap packages from being installed through the APT package-management system without the user's consent. This move is the result of "major worries" from Linux Mint on Snap's impact with regard to user choice and software freedom. Ubuntu's parent company, Canonical, seems open to finding a solution to satisfy the popular distribution's concerns — but it too has interests to consider.

I never used Snap and always removed snapd from all Ubuntu installation. I also never understood why snapd is installed by default on an Ubuntu Server installation, it just doesn't make any sense to me. For server applications I'm very much in favor of containers like Docker, so why should I use a tool for that which feels proprietary (it isn't)? And as an Arch Linux user on my Laptop I anyways get the latest and greatest directly in my distro, no need for a separate packaging tool.

New forum for Sailfish OS discussion | Jolla Blog
#jolla, #sailfishos, #community

Your voice is important The (TJC) website has served us well, with the first question inserted back in December 2013 just after we released the first Jolla smartphone.

Sadly I'm not a Sailfish OS user anymore. But now there finally is a decent discussion forum available, the TJC forum never felt like a good choice for this kind of discussion. Maybe I can be an Sailfish OS user again in the future, it mainly depends on the Android support for me as I depend on some apps which only are available for Android (SBB, Twint, ...). Fortunately with LineageOS and MicroG it's nowadays also possible to have some kind of a "good" feeling with Android.

SUSE Enters Into Definitive Agreement to Acquire Rancher Labs
#rancher, #suse

SUSE, the world's largest independent open source company, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Rancher Labs.

WOW! What news... I was expecting that some company will buy Rancher Labs, but I did not expect that it will be SUSE. I was more expecting it to be either Microsoft, Red Hat / IBM or VMware. Let's see what this brings and how the future SUSE Rancher product will look like.

MySQL Terminology Updates | MySQL High Availability
#mysql, #terminology

It's been 20 years since MySQL Replication was introduced in MySQL 3.23.15 (Released in May 2000). Since then, virtually every MySQL Database deployment in production has been using Replication in order to achieve high availability, disaster recovery, read scale out and various other purposes.

Prepare for some configuration changes! This won't be the only project doing such renaming.

Huge merge/refactor/update
#android, #microg

Having an Open Source Play Services implementation is crucial for a working Open Source Android experience. And with MicroG this is already working and seeing it to be actively developed gives me a good feeling for my future Android Open Source and Google-Free experience.


Interesting articles and blog posts

A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack
#story, #haproxy, #slack

On May 12, 2020, Slack had our first significant outage in a long time. This is a detailed look into the technical issues that caused it.

TL;DR: HAProxy ran out of slots for new backends because old ones couldn't be freed up because of a bug in the configuration tool. Can happen...

How SSO bought a cluster to its knees!
#kubernetes, #story

TL;DR: DEX created too many authrequest objects in the Kubernetes API during a dictionary attack and Flux tried to reconcile these objects unnecessarily which in the end brought the Kubernetes API server down. Good learning!
#story, #email, #unix, #network

[German] Unsere GPS-Tracker auf der Alp - Einsichten über adnexo
#lorawan, #gps

Auch dieses Jahr unterstützen wir Hirtin Lisbeth tatkräftig beim Alpaufzug auf die Alp Tros. Die Alp wird mit 220 Schafen, 5 Ziegen, 3 Alpakas und 2 Lamas während rund 4 Monaten bewirtschaftet. Von den Tieren sind 40 mit unserer Alptracker-Lösung ausgestattet, somit weiss Lisbeth jederzeit, wo sich ihre Tiere befinden.

How to use FIDO2 USB authenticators with SSH - Stavros' Stuff
#ssh, #authentication, #fido2, #yubikey

SSH Emergency Access
#ssh, #certificate, #ca

Learn how to prepare for emergency access to your SSH hosts, using security keys and offline SSH Certificate Authorities.

Accelerated Feedback Loops when Developing for Kubernetes with Conftest
#kubernetes, #yaml, #policy, #opa

Scaling the hottest app in tech on AWS and Kubernetes
#engineer, #scaling, #cloud

"We could not have met the demand for HEY without the public cloud," says SRE Blake Stoddard in this under-the-hood look at Kubernetes infrastructure.


Open Source tools newly discovered

Open Usage Commons

Siodb | Relational SQL database that secures your data, manages personal data life-cycle, and automates operational tasks.
#database, #sql

A relational SQL database that secures your data, manages personal data life-cycle and automates operational tasks. Focus on your code instant of the database administration. Siodb is Open Source.

TinyGo - Go on Microcontrollers and WASM
#golang, #microcontroller, #arduino

TinyGo is a project to bring the Go programming language to microcontrollers and modern web browsers by creating a new compiler based on LLVM.

Overview | BeeMesh
#kubernetes, #mesh, #p2p, #network

Global scale computing for long-lasting processing and functions. BeeMesh comes as a single binary for data centers, edge and mobile computing.

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