Newsletter #37


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Red Hat OpenShift 4.7 Is Now Available
#openshift, #release

Based on Kubernetes 1.20 (and CRI-O 1.20), OpenShift 4.7 has made progress on a few new features and functionality across our supported infrastructures, core platform, and workloads, while making stability a major theme for this release. We made a number of changes across the stack to improve the stability and quality of the product.

They are fast! I remember times when OpenShift was versions behind Kubernetes releases. Now they are really up to speed again. I found nothing very special in this release, just a very solid maintenance release. Maybe: Argo CD is getting fully integrated which is cool!

NeoChat 1.1
#matrix, #neochat, #kde

Exactly 2 months after NeoChat 1.0, the NeoChat team is happy to announce a new release of NeoChat. NeoChat is a native client for the decentralized communication network Matrix.

The only missing piece in NeoChat: Encryption. Then it is already "perfect".

Nextcloud Hub 21 out with up to 10x better performance, whiteboard and more collaboration features – Nextcloud

Nextcloud Hub 21 brings a wide range of improvements in file handling performance with Files High Performance Back-end and important new collaboration features in Text, Talk, Groupware and Files.

More performance certainly helps for Nextcloud.


Interesting articles and blog posts

WhatsApp and most alternatives share the same problem – Jürg Stuker
#messenger, #matrix, #opinion

Shall I migrate to Signal, Threema or Telegram? No, because they all have — WhatsApp included — the same problem: They are walled gardens. Imagine a world where for each mail recipient using a separate domain, I would need separate mail client? Or in other words: Gmail users can only communicate with Gmail users.

Why I close PRs (OSS project maintainer notes) | Jeff Geerling
#opinion, #opensource, #contribution

I maintain many open source projects on GitHub and elsewhere (over 160 as of this writing). I have merged and/or closed thousands of Pull Requests (PRs) and patches in the past few years, and would like to summarize here many of the reasons I don't merge many PRs.

That grumpy BSD guy: RFC7505 Means Yes, Your Domain Can Refuse to Handle Mail. Please Leave Us a TXT If You Do.
#dns, #email, #rfc

If you do not want a domain to receive any mail, there is a way to be at last somewhat civil about it. There's a different DNS trick for that.

A guide to setting up Kubernetes Service Level Objectives (SLOs) with Prometheus and Linkerd | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
#cncf, #slo, #metrics, #sre, #prometheus

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily create service health SLOs on Kubernetes with Prometheus, an open source time-series database, and Linkerd, an open source ultralight service mesh. You’ll see how using a service mesh can solve one of the hardest parts of SLOs: getting consistent metrics for the things you want to measure.

Kubernetes Controllers - are they loops or events? - Speaker Deck
#slides, #kubernetes, #controller

Leveraging Kubernetes audit logs for threat detection | Dear diary…
#kubernetes, #audit, #logging, #thread, #security

Kubernetes audit logs can provide great visibility into the operation and inner workings of your cluster. It is also a good resource with relatively low startup cost to detect threats and anomalies inside your cluster.

Why I Built Litestream
#litestream, #sqlite, #database, #production

Despite an exponential increase in computing power, our applications require more machines than ever because of architectural decisions made 25 years ago. You can eliminate much of your complexity and cost by using SQLite & Litestream for your production applications.

Building Rich terminal dashboards
#tui, #terminal, #dashboard, #python

Rich has become a popular (20K stars on GH) way of beautifying CLIs, and I'm pleased to see a number of projects using it.

Crossplane vs Cloud Provider Infrastructure Addons
#crossplane, #architecture

Kubernetes has demonstrated the power of a well architected control plane with a great API. The industry is beginning to notice that this control plane can be used to do much more than orchestrate containers, and are increasingly looking to use the Kubernetes control plane to manage all of their infrastructure.

How NASA Designed a Helicopter That Could Fly Autonomously on Mars - IEEE Spectrum
#nasa, #mars, #helicopter, #linux

This the first time we’ll be flying Linux on Mars. We’re actually running on a Linux operating system. The software framework that we’re using is one that we developed at JPL for cubesats and instruments, and we open-sourced it a few years ago.

Preparing to Issue 200 Million Certificates in 24 Hours - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
#letsencrypt, #insight

We recently completed most of the work and investments needed to issue 200 million certificates in a day and we thought we’d let people know what was involved.


Open Source tools newly discovered

Trendyol/kubectl-view-webhook: This projects aims to visualize critical parts of the admission webhook configuration resource
#kubernetes, #kubectl, #webhook

Visualize your webhook configurations in Kubernetes.

GitHub - arminc/k8s-platform-lcm: A faster and easier way to manage the lifecycle of applications and tools, running and living around your Kubernetes platform
#kubernetes, #security, #lcm

This project helps you keep track of all your software and tools that are used or running in and around your Kubernetes platform. It helps you with part of the lifecycle management to keep your software up to data for feature completeness, security or compliance reasons.

Masonite Documentation
#python, #framework, #webapp

The modern and developer centric Python web framework that strives for an actual batteries included developer tool with a lot of out of the box functionality with an extremely extendable architecture. Masonite is perfect for beginner developers getting into their first web applications as well as experienced devs that need to utilize the full potential of Masonite to get their applications done.

GitHub - cuelang/cue: Validate and define text-based and dynamic configuration
#json, #yaml, #cfgmgmt

Configure, Unify, Execute. CUE is an open source data constraint language which aims to simplify tasks involving defining and using data. It is a superset of JSON, allowing users familiar with JSON to get started quickly.

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