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Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Fire Has Destroyed OVH’s Strasbourg Data Center (SBG2)

This week happened what I thought should really never happen: A whole datacenter went up in fire. One of the OVH datacenters in Strasbourg was completely burned down, there is absolutely nothing to get back from these servers. Check all your backup plans! Check all your disaster recovery plans! It can happen...

Some Tweets collected regarding this happening:

Crossplane v1.1 - Vault integration, enhanced Composition, and AWS Provider code generation!
#crossplane, #release

v1.1 adds enhanced security for production deployments with Vault integration and several key Composition enhancements including bi-directional patching, patch deduplication, and resource re-ordering support. Rounding out the release is enhanced AWS Provider code generation with a new developer guide that has been picked up by the community to add resources like RDS DBCluster, Lambda functions and more!

Crossplane is clearly my favorite technology at the moment. I see so many potential to automate all the things. Looking forward to see what will be done with this cool piece of software. For me it will be the ultimate API driven control plane to automate all kind of deployment and configuration task. The idea to bring the reconciliation loop of Kubernetes to provisioning of cloud and other resources is brilliant.


Interesting articles and blog posts

Progress Report: January / February 2021 - Asahi Linux
#asahi, #mac, #m1, #arm, #linux, #kernel

Welcome to the first Asahi Linux Progress Report! In this series we’ll be taking a page from the Dolphin playbook and giving you monthly updates on the progress of the project.

A very long read, but with many good insights about getting Linux booting on a brand new architectured platform - the Apple M1.

Matrix and E2E-Encryption – or: how not to lose your messages
#matrix, #encryption

As with all messengers taking end-to-end-encryption seriously (I’m looking at you, WhatsApp), you are responsible for managing your encryption keys when using matrix. In addition to your account password (the one you’re using to log in to the server), you’ve got to safeguard a secret granting you access to your end-to-end-encrypted messages. Fortunately, this is a lot more comfortable in the matrix-universe than with many other messengers.

#http, #story, #history

HTTP is fundamental to modern development, from frontend to backend to mobile. But like any widespread mature standard, it's got some funky skeletons in the closet.

The LOGAF Scale

... came up with that I’ve found to be very useful: logaf, or “level of give a fuck.”

Also have a look at

Stop Nitpicking in Code Reviews
#development, #review, #bestpractices

One of the best changes I’ve made at work recently is to stop nitpicking in code reviews.

Crossplane vs Terraform
#crossplane, #terraform, #comparison

Crossplane is often compared to HashiCorp’s Terraform. It’s common for enterprise platform teams to find Crossplane as they outgrow Terraform and look for alternatives, so there are parallels between the two open source projects.

The Mars Helicopter is Online and Getting Ready to Fly - Universe Today
#mars, #nasa

Earth is the only planet in the solar system with aircraft capable of sustained flight. Suppose the ground-breaking Ingenuity helicopter, currently stowed aboard the similarly spectacular Mars Perseverance rover, accomplishes its planned mission. In that case, Mars will become the second planet to have a powered aircraft fly through its atmosphere.

Four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their solutions | Stanford News
#zoom, #video, #conference, #psychology

It’s not just Zoom. Popular video chat platforms have design flaws that exhaust the human mind and body. But there are easy ways to mitigate their effects.


Open Source tools newly discovered

Conventional Commits
#git, #convention, #rule, #commit, #changelog

A specification for adding human and machine readable meaning to commit messages

#signature, #signing, #trust, #software

sigstore is a project with the goal of providing a public good / non-profit service to improve the open source software supply chain by easing the adoption of cryptographic software signing, backed by transparency log technologies.

GitHub - AbsaOSS/k8gb: A cloud native Kubernetes Global Balancer
#gslb, #loadbalancer, #kubernetes

A Global Service Load Balancing solution with a focus on having cloud native qualities and work natively in a Kubernetes context. Just a single Gslb CRD to enable the Global Load Balancing.

Features - File Browser
#filesharing, #filebrowser, #webapp

File Browser is a create-your-own-cloud-kind of software where you can install it on a server, direct it to a path and then access your files through a nice web interface. You have many available features!

lowdefy/lowdefy: An open-source low-code framework to build web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with YAML.
#lowcode, #cms, #database, #webapp

Lowdefy is an open-source (Apache-2.0) low-code framework that lets you build web apps with YAML configuration files. It is great for building admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps.

Intercept, debug & mock HTTP with HTTP Toolkit
#http, #mock, #incept

With one click: Intercept & view all your HTTP(S) - Mock endpoints or entire servers - Rewrite, redirect, or inject errors

Co-op Cloud
#hosting, #selfhosting, #container, #apps

Co-op Cloud aims to make hosting libre software applications simple for small providers. It uses the latest container technologies and innovations and configurations are shared into the commons for the benefit of all. The project is intended for small service providers such as tech co-operatives who are looking to standardise around an open, transparent and scalable infrastructure.

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