Newsletter #36


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Enable kubectl-get to strip managed fields by knight42 · Pull Request #96878 · kubernetes/kubernetes
#kubectl, #pr

Enable kubectl get to strip managed fields to make the output less verbose.

YES! What did they think when they introduced that in the first place? It makes it nearly impossible to scroll through big YAMLs or JSONs with these fields.

Quad9 moves to Switzerland - SWITCH
#dns, #resolver, #switch

Quad9, the global, not-for-profit Domain Name System (DNS) security platform, today announced that it has moved its headquarters from California to Zürich, Switzerland supported by Packet Clearing House and SWITCH.

I'd say that's a good move. Maybe they will have to filter sites which e.g. fall under the Swiss online casino law, but I'm unsure about that. I still prefer to have my own resolver than relying on an external one which does filtering for me. Pi-hole does a good trick.

Sailfish OS Koli is now available | Jolla Blog
#sailfishos, #release

We’re very pleased to announce Sailfish OS 4.0.1 Koli, one of our biggest Sailfish releases for a long time. There are far too many improvements to cover all of them in detail here.

My Jolla devices are not in use anymore, but I still follow what happens. This seems to be a big update and I'll give it a try on one of my phones. But I'm sure that I won't switch back to use SailfishOS as my daily mobile OS, I'm pretty happy with LineageOS and microG.

Plasma 5.21 : KDE
#kde, #plasma, #release

We made something pretty. Plasma 5.21 is all about upgrading the looks and usability of Plasma.

Plasma really is the first choice Linux desktop for me. It's a pleasure to work with it.


Interesting articles and blog posts

K-9 Mail is looking for funding
#mail, #android, #funding

K-9 Mail is looking to raise 1,000 EUR per week (~52,000 EUR per year) to fund development.

Certainly worth, it's the best Android E-Mail client IMHO.

5G: The outsourced elephant in the room
#network, #isp, #5g

Telecommunication service providers are by and large currently not in good control of their networks. Through rampant outsourcing they have become utterly dependent on network vendors and other third parties.

A very detailed and interesting read on telecommunication companies / ISPs. That's why I'm getting my internet connection from Init7, they have network engineers who run their network.

The DNSSEC Root Signing Ceremony | Cloudflare
#dnssec, #signing, #story

That’s the purpose of the Root Signing Ceremony—a rigorous procedure around signing the root DNS zone’s public keying information for the next few months. The private signing key used in this process is quite literally the key to the entire DNSSEC-protected Internet. A public, audited, and tightly controlled ceremony around accessing this key is a necessity for DNSSEC to succeed as a global standard.

This seems to be an older article (no date displayed), but still an interesting read on a very important regular ceremony.

Uncovering a 24-year-old bug in the Linux Kernel – Skroutz Engineering
#linux, #kernel, #network

One of the most interesting issues we encountered led to the discovery of a fairly old bug in the Linux kernel TCP implementation: every now and then, an rsync transfer from a source server would hang indefinitely for no apparent reason, as — apart from the stuck transfer — everything else seemed to be in order

I like such stories!


Open Source tools newly discovered

filipsPL/cat-localizer: Localize your cat at home with BLE beacon, ESP32s, and Machine Learning
#ble, #esp32, #location

System which can be used for localization the position of a cat in a building using bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons attached to the object, a set of cheap ESP32 detectors, and Machine Learning models.

I don't have a cat, but nevertheless would be a cool project to try out.

opsgenie/kubernetes-event-exporter: Export Kubernetes events to multiple destinations with routing and filtering
#kubernetes, #logging, #events

This tool allows exporting the often missed Kubernetes events to various outputs so that they can be used for observability or alerting purposes. You won't believe what you are missing.

isaaguilar/terraform-operator: A Kubernetes CRD to handle terraform operations
#kubernetes, #operator, #terraform

A Kubernetes CRD and Controller to handle Terraform operations by generating k8s jobs catered to perform Terraform workflows.

Jarred-Sumner/git-peek: git repo to local editor instantly
#git, #github, #shell

git peek is the fastest way to open a remote git repository in your local text editor.

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