Newsletter #33


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Release 1.0.0 Tech Preview · owncloud/ocis
#owncloud, #golang

ownCloud Infinite Scale is currently in a technical preview state. It will be subject to a lot of changes and is not yet ready for general production deployments.

Although not that new, it's still quite interesting that the PHP application gets rewritten in Go. This might boost performance a lot - but it might also cap the add-on ecosystem.

Meet Raspberry Silicon: Raspberry Pi Pico now on sale at $4
#raspberry, #microcontroller, #micropython

Today, we’re launching our first microcontroller-class product: Raspberry Pi Pico. Priced at just $4, it is built on RP2040, a brand-new chip developed right here at Raspberry Pi.

Next up Raspberry Pi Zero W 4 please! But yeah, a $4 microcontroller of course means #instabuy for me. I like microcontrollers!

Hello Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040! - SparkFun Electronics
#raspberry, #microcontroller, #micropython

Raspberry Pi has introduced the world to their brand new microcontroller, and we are happy to incorporate it into some new boards of our own, as well.

Oh hello, moar microcontrollers!!

New Year, new Red Hat Enterprise Linux programs: Easier ways to access RHEL
#rhel, #redhat

This post highlights new, simplified and low-/no-cost options for deploying RHEL. These are the first of many new programs.

They're trying to make up the changes to the CentOS releases. But that's still not the same, because who wants to use subscription-manager? Nope, not me.

Release v4.0.0 · rancher/k3d
#k3s, #k3d, #rancher

Registry Support, Config File Support, [WIP] Support for Lifecycle Hooks

k3d is being used by me on a daily basis, of course I'm excited about a new release then. Having an integrated registry makes things much easier, thanks for that feature!

Introducing Keycloak.X Distribution
#keycloak, #quarkus, #cloudnative

We are proud to announce that Keycloak is now running on top of Quarkus, a Kubernetes and Cloud native Stack using the best of breed Java libraries and standards, to give to our users a cloud-friendly distribution with a strong focus on usability, scalability, and optimized for running in the hybrid cloud.

That's good! Keycloak always felt a bit clumsy on Cloud Native infrastructures. With that upgrade it makes it a better fit for containers.

README and Docs need to state that RancherOS is dead · Issue #3000 · rancher/os
#rancheros, #eol

RancherOS 1.x is currently in a maintain-only-as-essential mode. That is to say, it is no longer being actively maintained at a code level other than addressing critical or security fixes.

I must have missed that information but anyways wasn't a RancherOS user. It has a very interesting concept I must admit. But I'm also not surprised that RancherOS doesn't get further developed anymore, now that we have k3os and Docker is dead.


Interesting articles and blog posts

What You Should Know Before Leaking a Zoom Meeting
#zoom, #leak

At least one leaker has already been exposed. Here’s how to protect yourself or your sources.

It's anyways not a good practice to record a Zoom meeting without anyone in the call agreeing.

Github Stale Bots: A False Economy
#github, #bot, #issues

Stale Bot’s are a type of automated bot on Github, which locks issues which are “stale” (as in have no recent activity). This seems like a helpful tool at first, but in reality it’s terrible for all parties involved.

Oh yeah, while I like such bots they can also be a pain, depending on how they're used and how aggressive they are.

Amazon: NOT OK - why we had to change Elastic licensing | Elastic Blog
#elasticsearch, #license, #opinion, #aws

We recently announced a license change. We posted some additional guidance on the license change this morning. I wanted to share why we had to make this change.

That one escalated quickly. I'm not happy with the decision of Elastic, of course I understand their reasoning, but there should have been other solutions to their issue. Blaming AWS is also not OK. And all others who are not AWS suffer from this change as well. In German we call this "Kollektivbestrafung", which is never ever a good thing. Here are some more articles about this topic I read:

Screensaver lock by-pass via the virtual keyboard · Issue #354 · linuxmint/cinnamon-screensaver
#story, #security, #incident

A few weeks ago, my kids wanted to hack my linux desktop, so they typed and clicked everywhere, while I was standing behind them looking at them play... when the screensaver core dumped and they actually hacked their way in! wow, those little hackers...

Cool issue report!

I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea
#story, #startup

You have a mind-shattering headache. You're standing in the aisle of your local CVS, massaging your temples while scanning the shelves for something—anything—to make make the pain stop.

Angelesen #70 –
#links, #bookmarks, #opinion

Enjoy this weeks installment of random links from traffic simulators over FOSDEM organization topics to phone addiction and more!

antoinet/amazing-open-ch-zone: Amazing List of ressources related to the opendata .ch zonefile
#opendata, #switch, #dns, #tld

RFC 1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths
#rfc, #internet, #history

This memo documents the fundamental truths of networking for the Internet community. This memo does not specify a standard, except in the sense that all standards must implicitly follow the fundamental truths.

And old one, but I've newly discovered it.

A fresh new avenue for Google to kill your SaaS startup | Gonzalo Sainz-Trápaga | Medium
#google, #internet, #story, #opinion

In the old days, when Google (or any poorly tuned AI that Google unleashed) decided it wanted to kill your business, it would usually resort to denying access to one of its multiple walled gardens, and that was that.

Another reason to not bet on Google services.


Open Source tools newly discovered

juicedata/juicefs: JuiceFS is a distributed POSIX file system built on top of Redis and S3.
#filesystem, #s3, #redis

JuiceFS is an open-source POSIX file system built on top of Redis and object storage (e.g. Amazon S3), designed and optimized for cloud native environment. By using the widely adopted Redis and S3 as the persistent storage, JuiceFS serves as a stateless middleware to enable many applications to share data easily. - Learn and Master Vim faster with interactive exercises
#vim, #learning

Mastering Vim -is hard- has never been easier.

alenkacz/cert-manager-verifier: verify cert-manager installation
#kubernetes, #cert-manager, #operator

Pretty much every kubernetes installation nowadays depends on cert-manager for certificate provisioning. But at the same time, I've seen a lot of flakiness in several projects that were caused by inproperly implemented wait on cert-manager to be ready. Currently the right way to do this is documented in installation guide. It consists of several steps and typically in a CI or automated environment, you don't want to execute those manually and that's where this project aims to help.

#rancheros, #burmillaos, #docker, #kubernetes

BurmillaOS is our reaction of us to the End of RancherOS, which was one of the smallest and easiest ways to run docker as every process including services as udev or even syslog are running in their own containers. As the system is stripped of anything unnecessary to run docker, the resulting system is way smaller than most others of todays operating systems.

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