Newsletter #32


Interesting articles and blog posts

WRT54G History: The Router That Accidentally Went Open Source
#linksys, #wlan, #router, #opensource, #story

How Linksys’ most famous router, the WRT54G, tripped into legendary status because of an undocumented feature that slipped through during a merger.

Of course I had one as well for many years and it was great! Nowadays I'm using the Turris Omnia which reminds me of this router.

If it will matter after today, stop talking about it in a chat room – Mike Crittenden
#chat, #opinion

Live chat (Slack, Teams, etc.) sucks for important discussions.

That's why we started an internal VSHNeers discussion forum (with Discourse) at VSHN, this helps to have longer lasting discussions. Chat is just not good for longer discussions.

Stop changing, start experimenting – Mike Crittenden
#change, #story

I bet right now, if you thought about it, you could come up with some change that would be great for your team or your project. And I bet you’ve been ignoring it because “it’ll never fly” or “management won’t go for it” or “people will think it’s crazy.” And they probably will think it’s crazy, if you suggest it as a “change”.

I like that! Try things, without trying you won't find out if it actually works. Borrowed from others: If it's safe enough to try, try it!

A quick introduction to MQTT for IOT - Michael Stapelberg

While I had heard the abbreviation MQTT many times, I never had a closer look at what MQTT is. Here are a few quick notes about using MQTT as Pub/Sub bus in a home IOT network.

I'm using MQTT for many different things and I really like it. It's so simple and you can do so many cool things with it.

#mobile, #lineageos, #sustainable

For a modern smartphone to be sustainable, at the very minimum it has to get security updates and it needs to be possible to change the inevitably failing battery. This site is designed to help with finding those phones: Phones that are supported by an alternative Android distribution are listed together with guides for changing the battery.

For me it's important that I can freely choose what runs on my mobile, this site certainly helps.


Open Source tools newly discovered

happyDNS. Finally a simple interface for domain names.

Do you find hosting providers' interfaces for domain name incomprehensible or unusable?

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