Newsletter #19


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

restic · restic 0.10.0 released
#restic, #backup, #release

This release contains a lot of improvements, both smaller and bigger ones, and the restic project wishes to send a big thank you to everyone who contributed to make this happen. Every contribution, be it a small documentation change or deeply technical code changes and optimizations, are always welcome.

As restic is the cornerstone of K8up I always appreciate a new release of it.


Interesting articles and blog posts

Kubernetes clients and dashboards: a comparison
#kubernetes, #client, #gui

This blog post aims to provide a very brief overview of some of the more common tools that are available as replacements or additions to kubectl to allow developers to look into a Kubernetes cluster. All tools can be installed locally and don’t require any components to be installed in the cluster to operate.

I'm not a big fan of Kubernetes GUI clients, but sometimes it helps to get a better understanding of what's going on on a cluster. From this list my favorite clearly is K9s.

Declarative secret management for GitOps with Kapitan
#kapitan, #secrets, #kubernetes

In this post I would like to compare different ways to manage secrets in code, especially relevant to Kubernetes but also in general with a more broad reach.

This article includes an introduction to tesoro, an in-cluster secrets management Admission Controller. Kapitan is a main building block of Project Syn.

Kubernetes: When to Use, and When to Avoid, the Operator Pattern
#kubernetes, #operator, #opinion

In the world of Kubernetes, Operators have quickly become a popular pattern far beyond their initial use for encoding deep operational knowledge about running stateful applications and services like Prometheus. But the complexities of CRD lifecycle management they bring with them means that writing an operator will not always be the best solution for your own applications, because you’re creating more code to maintain.

A good view on the Kubernetes operators pattern.

Kubernetes Tip: How Statefulsets Behave Differently Than Deployments When Node Fails?
#kubernetes, #knowledgebase, #stateful

Kubernetes is a platform that one needs to morph to make it work. As part of personalizing effort, having a strategy to handle node failure cases becomes an important criterion. To implement such a blueprint, one needs to understand how different controllers behave when a node fails. In this blog post, we look at how Stateful Sets behave differently than Deployment Sets when node failure occurs.

I learned something new when reading this article. Interesting to see how Stateful Sets behave.

Wikipedia is getting a new look for the first time in 10 years. Here’s why. – Diff
#wikipedia, #design

Forthcoming changes to the desktop include a reconfigured logo, collapsible sidebar, table of contents, and more! You can see the full list of new features on MediaWiki. These changes will happen incrementally over a long period of time, to allow for ample user testing and feedback. If all goes to plan, these improvements will be the default on all wikis by the end of 2021, timed with Wikipedia’s 20th birthday celebrations.

Good to know so that there won't be any surprises when it happens.


Open Source tools newly discovered

GitHub - appvia/kev: Develop Kubernetes apps iteratively with Docker-Compose
#kubernetes, #dockercompose

Kev helps developers port and iterate Docker Compose apps onto Kubernetes. It understands the Docker Compose application topology and prepares it for deployment in (multiple) target environments, with minimal user input.

GitHub - boltops-tools/kubes: kubes
#kubernetes, #development, #deploy

Kubernetes Deployment Tool: build docker image, compile Kubernetes YAML files, and apply them. Official Docs Site:

GitHub - couler-proj/couler: Unified Interface for Constructing and Managing Workflows on different workflow engines, such as Argo Workflows, Tekton Pipelines, and Apache Airflow.
#workflow, #kubernetes, #tekton

Couler aims to provide a unified interface for constructing and managing workflows on different workflow engines, such as Argo Workflows, Tekton Pipelines, and Apache Airflow.

GitHub - kvaps/kubectl-build: Build dockerfiles directly in your Kubernetes cluster.
#kubernetes, #container, #build, #kaniko, #kubectl

Kubectl build mimics the kaniko executor, but performs building on your Kubernetes cluster side.

GitHub - muesli/duf: Disk Usage/Free Utility
#linux, #shell, #sysadmin, #disk

Disk Usage/Free Utility (currently Linux-only, support for BSDs soon)

GitHub - charliesome/doslinux
#dos, #os, #linux, #wsl

A WSL alternative for users who prefer an MS-DOS environment.

GitHub - sdushantha/tmpmail: ✉️ A temporary email right from your terminal
#email, #temporary, #alias

tmpmail is a command line utility that allows you to create a temporary email address and receive emails to the temporary email address. It uses 1secmail's API to receive emails.

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