Newsletter #41


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Rook v1.6: Storage Enhancements
#release, #rook, #ceph, #storage

Rook v1.6 is another feature-filled release to improve storage for Kubernetes. The community is a great support in this journey to help validate that Rook will meet and exceed requirements for running in production.

It's good to see steady progress with Rook. I'm not actively using it, but I'm following the project since a long time. What I find very important is to remove unmaintained features from time to time to keep up quality, and this is what they did in this release. EdgeFS, CockroachDB and YugabyteDB are not supported anymore.

Introducing the ApplicationSet Controller for Argo CD
#argocd, #release

I am excited to announce the first release of the Argo CD ApplicationSet controller, v0.1.0, releasing now alongside Argo CD v2.0!

This brings Argo CD to the next level. We'll give that a try to see if this could improve Project Syn in any way.

Gitea 1.14.0 is released
#gitea, #release

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.14.0. We have merged an incredible 641 pull requests to release this version.

Gitea is so cool! Much simpler and easier than the bloated GitLab. I use it since a few years and couldn't be happier with it. Combine it with Drone CI, and it is a fully featured development tool.

Kubernetes 1.21: Power to the Community
#kubernetes, #release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Kubernetes 1.21, our first release of 2021! This release consists of 51 enhancements: 13 enhancements have graduated to stable, 16 enhancements are moving to beta, 20 enhancements are entering alpha, and 2 features have been deprecated.

This one came out a week ago. I needed some time to go through the changes to figure which ones I like the most. All in all it's a massive release with many great improvements. My favorites:

  • CronJobs Graduate to Stable: That's good. I'm using this for so many things, and it really needed a refresh under the hood. An in-depth post (linked below) discusses the details.
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack support: Finally!! Looking forward to upgrading my Kubernetes K3s cluster and hopefully make accessible over IPv6, again.
  • PodSecurityPolicy Deprecation: An important change IMHO. Details are discussed in an article which is linked in the next section.


Interesting articles and blog posts

[DE] Corona Testzentren – Oops we did it again - zerforschung
#security, #corona

Wir wollten ja eigentlich nichts mehr mit Corona machen, aber dann kam ein Testzentrum dazwischen. 🙄 Es begann ähnlich wie das letzte Mal: Ein zerforschungs-Angehöriger war beim Corona-Schnelltest und bekam danach eine E-Mail mit einem Link zu seinem Ergebnis. Das kam ihm irgendwie fischig 🐟 vor, also haben wir uns das mal angeschaut.

So many security issues are being found in tools used for fighting Corona. Unbelievable how the IT industry is developing insecure tools for such an important topic.

It's hard to draw lessons from your own failures
#story, #business, #money

Andrew Wilkinson's tale of how he blew $10,000,000 building a to-do list app perfectly illustrates the danger of trying to analyze your own failures. It's so easy to fall in love with one of those infinite alternate universes where you just did that one thing differently and everything worked out. Like "if only we had raised venture capital, we would have made it". No, sorry, you probably wouldn't have.

Good reaction to a Twitter thread. I fully agree with dhh here!

Introducing Suspended Jobs | Kubernetes
#kubernetes, #job, #feature

With the recent Kubernetes 1.21 release, you will be able to suspend a Job by updating its spec. The feature is currently in alpha and requires you to enable the SuspendJob feature gate on the API server and the controller manager in order to use it.

Insights into the K8s 1.21 release. Good read.

GitOps: The Bad and the Ugly
#gitops, #opinion

I’m a big proponent of GitOps— it is an approach that sidesteps complex tooling in favour of building CI/CD using a combination of Git and declarative configurations. I recently wrote an article about ‘11 Reasons for Adopting GitOps,’ but I also experienced the approach’s limitations on different client projects. Talking to the Humanitec folks prompted me to write about my negative experiences to help paint a more objective picture of GitOps and highlight another possible approach.

While I do not agree with all the points, it's important to look behind hyped processes and technologies. Not all shines all the time.

Learning COBOL: A Journey for the Modern Programmer
#cobol, #learning

In this post, I’ll share some resources and ideas that I’ve found useful while learning COBOL. Following these resources might not be enough to make you into a COBOL programmer, but it will give you enough of an understanding of the language to begin your own journey.

I always wondered what COBOL looks like and what it actually is. This article brings a good introduction to it. After reading it: No, I do not want to learn and use COBOL now.

Nobody Cares About the Operating System Anymore - Last Week in AWS
#opinion, #technology

You can either rail against things you can’t change, or you can expand your skill set into new and bold directions that embrace the winds of change and position yourself to take advantage of them, whatever those might be.

Such a good piece of opinion. WOW. It speaks right out of my heart. This passage quoted absolutely nails the point. Thanks, Corey Quinn, for the write-up.

Kubernetes 1.21: CronJob Reaches GA | Kubernetes
#kubernetes, #cron

In Kubernetes v1.21, the CronJob resource reached general availability (GA). We've also substantially improved the performance of CronJobs since Kubernetes v1.19, by implementing a new controller.

Good insights why this is an important GA feature and what happened behind the scenes.


Open Source tools newly discovered

#authentication, #oauth, #sso

authentik is an open-source Identity Provider focused on flexibility and versatility. You can use authentik in an existing environment to add support for new protocols, implement sign-up/recovery/etc. in your application so you don't have to deal with it, and many other things.

tonarino/innernet: A private network system that uses WireGuard under the hood.
#wireguard, #vpn, #network

innernet is similar in its goals to Slack's nebula or Tailscale, but takes a bit of a different approach. It aims to take advantage of existing networking concepts like CIDRs and the security properties of WireGuard to turn your computer's basic IP networking into more powerful ACL primitives.


Hardware which caught my attention

thnikk Keypad documentation
#keyboard, #diy

Here you can find feature lists for models, guides to install drivers, remap the keys, and change your switches. This will be updated with my code so it should always be up to date!

This will warrant a blog post from me. I used that keyboard to have a Zoom operator: Toggle Mic and Video and quit fast.

smoca-ag/m5stack_co2_sensor: Build your own portable, graphing CO₂ sensor
#co2, #sensor, #m5stack

Outdoor air has a CO₂ ppm level of 400 ppm. Humans exhale air with 40000 ppm. You can calculate the percentage of exhaust air you are breathing by dividing measured CO₂ level above outdoor by the human exhaust level. Used air might contain aerosols which might contain the corona virus.

Hardware ordered, on to building it!

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