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Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

[German] Winterkongress der Digitalen Gesellschaft vom 26./27. Februar 2021 - Digitale Gesellschaft
#digiges, #winterkongress, #conference

Wir freuen uns, am Freitagabend, 26. und Samstag, 27. Februar 2021 zum vierten Winterkongress einladen zu dürfen. Ursprünglich wieder in der Rote Fabrik in Zürich geplant, wird der Winterkongress 2021 nun vor Ort produziert, dann jedoch per Stream, Videokonferenz und Chat verbreitet. Neu bereits ab Freitagabend und wie gewohnt am Samstag werden Themen rund um Informationstechnologie, Digitalisierung und deren Auswirkungen auf unsere Gesellschaft in verschiedenen Vorträgen und Workshops behandelt. Das Programm ist online. Auch Tickets sind ab sofort verfügbar.

This is a great conference and I'm very looking forward to it. It has always been an enjoyable time and I was helping out with some Internet and WLAN connectivity.

No cookie for you - The GitHub Blog
#github, #cookie, #gdpr

Good news: we removed all cookie banners from GitHub! 🎉

This is good and I hope that many others will follow. Allthough that doesn't mean we're not getting tracked, it's just not done with cookies anymore but with tracking pixels: @badlogicgames has a Tweet about it.

Cloudron 6 released
#release, #cloudron, #selfhosting

Cloudron 6 includes support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal), i18n, Volumes, Mailbox Sharing, Group Mailboxes, Mailbox Full Text Search, File manager improvements, Ad blocker apps & lots of bug fixes!

I have nothing to add, it's just great and I do not regreat one minute using Cloudron since a very long time to self-host my most important apps.

RuuviLab | Firmware Update
#ruuvi, #firmware

With the new 3.x firmware, Ruuvi sensors become connectable and they can continuously log history without nearby mobile phones. This means that user can read out logged history and enjoy background scanning features on Apple devices.

My Ruuvis aren't upgraded yet, but they will certainly be upgraded over time. The source is here: ruuvi.firmware.c.

Introducing Cerulean |
#matrix, #chat, #twitter

Alongside all the normal business-as-usual Matrix stuff, we’ve found some time to do a mad science experiment over the last few weeks - to test the question: “Is it possible to build a serious Twitter-style decentralised microblogging app using Matrix?” It turns out the answer is a firm “yes” - and as a result we’d like to present a very early sneak preview of Cerulean: a highly experimental new microblogging app for Matrix, complete with first-class support for arbitrarily nested threading, with both Twitter-style (“vertical”) and HN/Reddit-style (“horizontal”) layout… and mobile web support!

Announcing Harvester: Open Source Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Software
#rancher, #vm, #virtualization

Today, I am excited to announce project Harvester, open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software built using Kubernetes. Harvester provides fully integrated virtualization and storage capabilities on bare-metal servers. No Kubernetes knowledge is required to use Harvester.

Rancher is bringing out new tools all the time, it's hard to keep up. This one sounds interesting, let's see where this goes. They are great in creating easy to use software and this seems to be no exception.

Release v1.0.0 · crossplane/crossplane
#crossplane, #release

This release is a huge milestone for the Crossplane community! tada We're thankful to everyone who has contributed to the project since its launch two years ago. The core focus of this release has been making sure Crossplane is a project you can trust, with features and APIs that we can commit to supporting throughout the v1.x series of releases.

Finally! I'm really fan of Crossplane and we'll be using it for many things at VSHN. I've had a lightning talk at the Crossplane Community Day, see my recap here, including the video of my talk: Crossplane Community Day December 2020 Recap. The other talks will be shared on Youtube.


Interesting articles and blog posts

[German] Applikationen unter Linux am Beispiel CentOS | Dirks Logbuch
#centos, #opinion

Über die Meldung, dass CentOS 8 zugunsten von CentOS Stream einstellt, habe ich mich sehr geärgert. Ich war sogar richtig gehend angepisst. CentOS war immer die Möglichkeit, eigene Dinge auf Red Hat Kompatibilität zu testen, ohne Subskriptionskosten (für das Patching) bezahlen zu müssen.

The case of the extra 40 ms | Netflix TechBlog
#netflix, #story, #android

The Netflix application runs on hundreds of smart TVs, streaming sticks and pay TV set top boxes. The role of a Partner Engineer at Netflix is to help device manufacturers launch the Netflix application on their devices. In this article we talk about one particularly difficult issue that blocked the launch of a device in Europe.

[German] Nachruf auf CentOS |
#centos, #opinion

CentOS ist/war ein freier Klon von Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Die vorige Version CentOS 7 läuft auf unzähligen Servern und Cloud-Instanzen. CentOS 7 war nie perfekt (bei Versionswechseln gab es Lücken in der Update-Versorgung, typischerweise im Bereich weniger Wochen), aber für viele war es gut genug — für den Produktivbetrieb kleiner Server, für den Unterricht, oder einfach, um ein RHEL-kompatibles Betriebssystem kennenzulernen.

Kate is 20 years old! - Kate | Get an Edge in Editing
#kate, #kde, #story

Here again my initial request to the KWrite maintainer about my work on a ‘MDI KWrite’ later called Kate (sorry, German & spelling mistakes)


Open Source tools newly discovered

timescale/tobs: tobs - The Observability Stack for Kubernetes. Easy install of a full observability stack into a k8s cluster with a CLI tool or Helm charts.
#kubernetes, #monitoring, #prometheus

Tobs is a tool that aims to make it as easy as possible to install a full observability stack into a Kubernetes cluster.

#kubernetes, #yaml, #packaging, #config

CDK for Kubernetes. Define Kubernetes apps and components using familiar languages.

GitHub - external-secrets/kubernetes-external-secrets: Integrate external secret management systems with Kubernetes
#kubernetes, #secrets

Kubernetes External Secrets allows you to use external secret management systems, like AWS Secrets Manager or HashiCorp Vault, to securely add secrets in Kubernetes. Read more about the design and motivation for Kubernetes External Secrets on the GoDaddy Engineering Blog.

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