Newsletter #25


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Release restic 0.11.0 · restic/restic
#restic, #release

We're very pleased to present you restic 0.11.0!

Step by step restic is going to be the best Open Source backup solution available, if it already isn't. It's good to see that there is more an more activity around this project. Our Kubernetes backup operator K8up currently gets a complete overhaul, right on time to also leverage the latest version of restic.

Plasma System Monitor Preview Release
#kde, #plasma, #monitoring

I would like to announce the preview release of Plasma System Monitor.

I like it when my all-time favorite Linux desktop environment gets improvements, and this is a very nice one! Looking forward to monitoring my laptop with it.

Grüezi Schwiiz! Bonjour la Suisse! Buongiorno Svizzera! An AWS Region comes to Switzerland - All Things Distributed
#aws, #cloud

Today I’m happy to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Switzerland in the second half of 2022. When the AWS Europe (Zurich) Region is launched, developers, start-ups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations will be able to run their applications and serve end users across the region from data centers located in Switzerland.

That was to be expected. But still takes a long time until it's ready, until then many Swiss companies will already have moved their workload to either Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Nevertheless it will be a success, I'm sure.


Interesting articles and blog posts

Threema Multi-Device: An Architectural Overview
#threema, #encryption

These days, many chat services allow users to use multiple devices in parallel. Therefore, one might assume that such a multi-device functionality must be easy enough to implement. Provided that security and privacy protection are not a major priority, this notion isn’t far off. If, however, the multi-device protocol is required to meet Threema standards, things get complicated.

What an impressive work being done by Threema! They really make sure the chats stay private.

No More Google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you

Another good list of Google alternatives, there are a lot and I hope that there is a growing trend around leaving Google services behind!

Google users locked out after 15 years' use - Business Insider

When he received the notification from Google he couldn't quite believe it. Cleroth, a game developer who asked not to use his real name, woke up to see a message that all his Google accounts were disabled due to "serious violation of Google policies."

I would  never ever host my private stuff on Google and I'm also proud that my company self-hosts their collaboration needs, not putting the business on risk with such an untrusty company like Google is. I'm very happy to be using hosted mailcow and self-hosted Cloudron for my hosting needs.

Unwrap the SERVFAIL
#dns, #debugging

We recently released a new version of Cloudflare Resolver which adds a piece of information called “Extended DNS Errors” (EDE) along with the response code under certain circumstances. This will be helpful in tracing DNS resolution errors and figuring out what went wrong behind the scenes.

DNS improves all the time and Cloudflare is one of the driving forces. This one will help for sure.

Go vs Python — Bitfield Consulting
#python, #go, #golang, #comparison

Which is better, Python or Go? Which language should you learn today, and why? How do the two compare in performance, ease of learning, scalability, and rapid prototyping? Let's find out, in this friendly and accessible overview of Python and Go for beginners, by the author of the For the Love of Go book series.

This is such a nice comparison!

PromQL for Humans
#prometheus, #promql, #howto

PromQL is a built in query-language made for Prometheus. Here at Timber we've found Prometheus to be awesome, but PromQL difficult to wrap our heads around. This is our attempt to change that.

I still have a hard time to wrap my head around PromQL, that's why I lately switched back to InfluxDB for some projects because InfluxQL is so much easier to understand, at least for me.


Open Source tools newly discovered

ovh/the-bastion: Authentication, authorization, traceability and auditability for SSH accesses.
#security, #bastion, #ssh, #jumphost

Bastions are a cluster of machines used as the unique entry point by operational teams (such as sysadmins, developers, database admins, ...) to securely connect to devices (servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, network equipment, ...), usually using ssh. Bastions provides mechanisms for authentication, authorization, traceability and auditability for the whole infrastructure.

chubin/ the only cheat sheet you need

Unified access to the best community driven cheat sheets repositories of the world.

earthly/earthly: Build automation for the container era
#build, #development, #cloudnative

Earthly is a build automation tool for the container era. It allows you to execute all your builds in containers. This makes them self-contained, reproducible, portable and parallel. You can use Earthly to create Docker images and artifacts (eg binaries, packages, arbitrary files).

Projects · Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab
#opensource, #events, #meetup, #federation

Mobilizon is a tool designed to create platforms for managing communities and events. Its purpose is to help as many people as possible to free themselves from Facebook groups and events, from Meetup, etc. The Mobilizon software is under a Free licence, so anyone can host a Mobilizon server, called an instance. These instances may federate with each other, so any person with an account on ExampleMeet will be able to register to an event created on SpecimenEvent.

cloud-custodian/cloud-custodian: Rules engine for cloud security, cost optimization, and governance
#policy, #cloud, #security, #cost

Cloud Custodian is a rules engine for managing public cloud accounts and resources. It allows users to define policies to enable a well managed cloud infrastructure, that's both secure and cost optimized. It consolidates many of the adhoc scripts organizations have into a lightweight and flexible tool, with unified metrics and reporting.

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