Newsletter #12


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Cloudron 5.4 released
#cloudron, #release

They're releasing often and that's cool! It's always a pleasure to see how this project evolves. And hopefully it is going to be Open Source again in the future.

Discontinuation of this newsletter and what's up next?!
#newsletter, #cloudnative

First of all, thank you for your loyalty, sticking around with my ramblings for over 118 episodes over the past four years. I appreciate it!

I didn't know about this newsletter until I read the discontinuation message. It's sad to see a newsletter like this go, but I'm looking forward to follow the new project of Michael under and see who this format evolves.

Second Beta Release of Project Syn Tools - VSHN AG
#projectsyn, #syn, #vshn

Without further ado, we’re announcing the release 0.2 of the Project Syn tools.

This was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed shaping the future of the project together with my team. The roadmap to the one-dot-zero release looks absolutely promising and I can't wait to see the project reaching it. I can only recommend giving the 0.2 release a try by following the getting started guide. Let me know if you want to know anything, get a demo or if you have any inputs.


Interesting articles and blog posts

On Virtual Events –
#conference, #virtual

Thanks Bastian for this write-up. It resembles pretty much my thoughts about virtual events and the future of conferences. My main reason to attend events is to meet people in person and learn by talking to people in the hallway track. Also catching staff at the sponsors booth is something I enjoy a lot, to build new relationships and ask questions. For me personally talks aren't the main reason to attend a conference, it's really about the people. I also am not really able to follow talks on my computer, I'm just distracted far too quickly. Let's see what the future brings for conferences.

TinyPilot: Build a KVM Over IP for Under $100 ·
#raspberry, #kvm, #remote

Using only a Raspberry Pi and an $11 video capture dongle, you can create your own KVM over IP device, allowing you to send keyboard input to a remote computer and capture its display.

This might be something I want to build! It's an incredible idea and a cool project.

The superfast Ryzen-powered KDE Slimbook – Adventures in Linux and KDE
#review, #notebook, #kde

I’ve had the privilege of testing and using the brand-new 15.6″ Ryzen-powered KDE Slimbook laptop for the past month.

After reading the review I'm not entirely sure that this would be a device I would want, I'm very happy with my Thinkpad and Dell XPS. But I support this initiative! Seeing a device, delivered with Linux and my favorite desktop environment is cool.

Invert, always, invert

man muss immer umkehren - Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi(loosely translated - Invert, always, invert) Today, we will look at one of my favourite mental models called - The Inversion principle. Mental models are a set of simple, abstract but useful principles that help us make sense of the world

23 Alternative Career Paths that Software Developers Can Grow Into
#job, #role

Over the past five years, I've given dozens of guest lectures at many of the coding bootcamps in Chicago.

The Intel 8086 processor's registers: from chip to transistors
#intel, #cpu, #history

The Intel 8086 microprocessor is one of the most influential chips ever created; it led to the x86 architecture that dominates desktop.

Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack? — Krebs on Security
#twitter, #security

Twitter was thrown into chaos on Wednesday after accounts for some of the world's most recognizable public figures, executives and celebrities starting tweeting out links to bitcoin scams.

Cloudflare outage on July 17, 2020
#outage, #postmortem, #bgp, #network

Today a configuration error in our backbone network caused an outage for Internet properties and Cloudflare services that lasted 27 minutes. We saw traffic drop by about 50% across our network.

A short and sweet post-morten. I really like reading them, it's a good source of learning.


Open Source tools newly discovered

GitHub - squzy/squzy: Squzy - is a high-performance open-source monitoring, incident and alert system written in Golang with Bazel and love.
#monitoring, #golang

Squzy - is a high-performance open-source monitoring and alerting system written in Golang with Bazel and love.

GitHub - google/exposure-notifications-internals: This repository contains snippets of code that show how the Exposure Notifications API works inside the Google Play services layer.
#covid19, #exposure, #android

This repository contains a snapshot of code from Google Play Services's Exposure Notification module.

GitHub - jingweno/upterm: Secure Terminal Sharing
#terminal, #shell, #ssh, #tunnel

Upterm is an open-source solution for sharing terminal sessions instantly over the public internet via secure tunnels.

GitHub - k8spin/k8spin-operator: K8Spin multi-tenant operator - OSS
#kubernetes, #multitenancy

Kubernetes multi-tenant operator. Enables multi-tenant capabilities in your Kubernetes Cluster.

GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-cdk: Define infrastructure resources using programming constructs and provision them using HashiCorp Terraform
#terraform, #sdk

CDK (Cloud Development Kit) for Terraform allows developers to use familiar programming languages to define cloud infrastructure and provision it through HashiCorp Terraform.

GitHub - flant/shell-operator: Shell-operator is a tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster
#kubernetes, #operator, #shell

Shell-operator is a tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster.

GitHub - flant/k8s-image-availability-exporter: Alert if an image used in Kubernetes cannot be pulled from container registry
#kubernetes, #monitoring, #images

Alert if an image used in Kubernetes cannot be pulled from container registry - flant/k8s-image-availability-exporter

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