Newsletter #1


Welcome to the very first edition of the Newsletter. Enjoy all the links collected and curated over the past days and weeks.


Software releases, news articles and other new stuff

Riot Web 1.6, RiotX Android 0.19 & Riot iOS 0.11 — E2E Encryption by Default & Cross-signing is here!!
#chat, #riot, #matrix

We are incredibly excited to present the biggest change in Riot ever: as of the last 24 hours we are enabling end-to-end encryption by default for all new non-public conversations, together with a complete rework of Riot’s user experience around E2E encryption, powered by a whole new suite of encryption features in Matrix. We have released this simultaneously on Web [], Desktop [], iOS [

Release v1.18.2+k3s1 · rancher/k3s
#kubernetes, #k3s, #rancher

This release is k3s's first in the v1.18 line. It upgrades Kubernetes to version v1.18.2, introduces several enhancements and many bug fixes, and addresses an upstream runc CVE.


Interesting articles and blog posts

Easily manage OPA Gatekeeper rules with Gatekeeper Policy Manager
#blogpost, #opa, #kubernetes

A simple to use, open-source, web-based tool to see the OPA Gatekeeper's policies deployed in your cluster and their status.

#blogpost, #github

This is a repository containing some data and links for the Beer-Talk of Emanuel Duss about Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). See for more infos about this event.

Codespaces · GitHub
#github, #blogpost

Your instant dev environment - Get the full Visual Studio Code experience without leaving GitHub.


Open Source tools newly discovered

#kubernetes, #monitoring, #chatbot, #chatops

BotKube can be integrated with multiple messaging platforms like - Slack, Mattermost to help you monitor your Kubernetes cluster(s), debug critical deployments and gives recommendations for standard practices by running checks on the Kubernetes resources.

PromLens - The query builder, analyzer, and explainer for PromQL
#prometheus, #webapp

PromLens is a tool by PromLabs that aims to make learning and using PromQL easier and more productive. It integrates a visual PromQL query builder with explanation and visualization features. It also allows you to share queries with colleagues or friends.

Frappe Books - Free Desktop Accounting Software
#bookkeeping, #desktop

Simple, well designed, desktop accounting software for freelancers and small businesses. Free and Open Source.

That's it! How did you like it? Do you have something interesting to share? Let me know on Twitter or in a reply to this newsletter.

Thanks for reading and take care.


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