A new Blog is born

Here it is, my new Blog. I wanted to have my own Techblog for a long time, but did not do it until now.

There will be posts about my technical interests, which are at the moment everything that has to do with Networking, Linux and Open Source. In my daily work there are several dominant topics, on which you can hopefully expect many posts: Puppet, Network Monitoring, Linux administration, Linux Cluster, I'm looking forward to share my findings with the world, so let's blog!

Until some time I was a big fan of TYPO3. But as time goes by, there are also changes in interests. And as I don't create websites anymore (as I did a long long time ago). I looked for something much simpler and found it: WordPress. So this Blog is powered by a WordPress multisite installation (Network installation) on my tobruNET server. It's accessible through IPv4 (obviously) and as well as over (native) IPv6.

My personal website stays tobru.ch where I write in German language and about personal things like holidays, hobbies, ... The topics in the tobruNET Blog will be about technical things and in English language because this is the "IT language".

I hope this Blog helps other fellow Linux and Network Engineers to solve problems, get new ideas, share comments, ...

If you want to know more about me, have a look at About the Author or tobru.ch

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